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La Jacourelle Farm
La Jacourelle Farm

La Jacourelle Farm

Have you tried Brousse du Rove ? It's a Provençal speciality cheese served as dessert with something sweet like honey or homemade jam... A real treat !
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Make time to pick up some organic Brousse at Sandrine and François' farm.

They have lived deep in La Roque's hills for over 20 years on their eco-friendly farm with local Mediterranean Rove goats. They are also committed to the "Petit Fermier" charter which guarantees traditional production methods are used to make the family's cheese.

But that's not all, La Jacourelle also makes organic AOC Provence olive oil and tomme de chèvre goat's cheese. Match its maturity to your tastes: mild with a delicate supple texture, creamy with a stronger flavour, dry with a nutty taste or blue with sharp notes...

To find out more, read > here, a portrait of the 6 goatherds in the Aix-en-Provence region

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Buy from the farm Monday-Saturday 9am-12pm at La Jacourelle farm
Thursday morning at La Roque d’Anthéron Cours Foch market
Closed January February March

Les Roves de la Jacourelle
Route de Sainte Anne
+33 (0)4 42 50 56 79

How do you make your olive oïl ?

"Our olive trees are 20 years old at La Jacourelle! There's the Aglandau tree, a Durance Valley species that can withstand heavy frost, the Salonenque, highly-resistant to drought with a sweet flavour, and the Picholine which is used to pollinate the Aglandau.

Our oil has been designated AOC Provence olive oil since 2010. We have been using organic farming methods sine 2013. Weeding is mechanical and we don't use any chemical fertilisers! Our fertiliser comes from goat manure enriched with whey from the cheese. Picking is done by hand with mechanical aid.

Last but not least, the oil is extracted cold in a continuous chain through a mechanical process at Moulin Dauphin in Cucuron in the Luberon."
Sandrine Borel

The Gîte

Linger a little longer in La Jacourelle hamlet... Stay in Sandrine and François' Le Jas or Le Cabanon gîtes.

Le Jas has a 3* rating and is part of the Accueil Paysan network
Le Cabanon is in the process of being rated


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