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Faites de la Soupe
Faites de la Soupe

"Faites de la Soupe"

October 15,16
Place Palmie Dolmetta
Soup's up…
Even if you don't find a cauldron of magic potion... this soup is magic… conjuring up mouth-watering flavours, community spirit and music.
Great ingredients!


"Faites de la Soupe" has been a must-visit since 2006 !
Locals spend two days concocting lip-smacking soups.

The party starts on Friday with "apéri-soups" and entertainment; then on Saturday there's the same community spirit with the soup hike, children's games, family-friendly performances, concerts, raffle, soup tasting and, of course, the signature best soup competition!

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Useful information

All the events are free.

You just have to pay for your bowl so you can sample all the soup at the festival...

Unmissable... the soup competition

Sample soup made by associations or the general public: you just pay for the bowl... a bespoke and original bowl made by a local potter.
Now you've got your bowl you can try as much soup as you want...
Don't drink responsibly!

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