La Roque d'Anthéron Tourisme

An intense commercial life at the beginning of the century

The arrival of the railway in La Roque d'Anthéron in July 1889 favored the installation of lot of shops in the village.

To feed, to cloth, to footwear, to hairdress and to equip a few hundred families and as many workers made it possible to sustain a whole local economy.

The coffee shop and bar on 15th rue de l’église (Church Street), held by the missus, was used as a waiting room for her hairdresser of a husband who ran the salon on 17th.

Today, there are 3 bakeries and pastry shops in the village, and no less than 4 hairdressers ! Two beauty salons, a butcher, 4 grocery shops, a decoration shop, and even a florist, a tobacco shop and a press, not to mention the many cafes and restaurants, open all year round.

The La Roque market is held on Thursday morning on the Cours Foch and on Saturday morning, a sale of local producers takes place on the Place de la Vierge. Let's discover it ! 


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La Roque d'Anthéron Tourisme
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La Roque d'Anthéron Tourisme